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Claimants to the throne in 1066

There were four claimants to the throne. read these brief backgrounds to find out who had the best claim to the throne.


William of Normandy

William was Edward's first cousin's son. He had always said that Edward had promised him the crown of England. William claimed that Harold of Wessex had vowed to help him become King. As Duke of Normandy, William was used to ruling a large land.

Harold Hardrada

Hardrada had inherited land from king Canute who had once been a King of England. Hardrada said that this meant he had a right to be the King of England as well. He was supported by Tostig, Harold of Wessex's brother. Hardrada was very powerful as he was already the King of Norway.


Edgar Etheling

Edgar was the Edward's great nephew, the closest relation of Edward's. As he was only a child many people thought that he wouldn't be a good king if England was attacked.


Harold of Wessex

Harold was the most powerful man in England as Wessex was a very rich and important area. On his deathbed Edward is said to have promised Harold the crown. He was the favourite of many English Thanes who would choose the next King: in 1066 you didn't have to be the closest relation to be the next monarch.

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