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Year 7 History

This section covers areas that I have previously taught to Year 7 pupils. You will find links to narrative histories and activities below. Links to Multimedia resources, discussions and resources designed primarily for teachers can be accessed via the links to the right.

The Romans

Information Pages:

The Birth of Rome, The Growth of Rome, Monarchy, Republic and Principate, The Roman Army

Roman invasion of Britain, Iceni Rebellion, Gladiators, Julius Caesar, Activities, Rome links


The Normans

Information Pages:

The Normans - Edward the confessor, Claimants to the throne, Battle of Stamford bridge, Norman Invasion, Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror, Norman Activities, Thomas Becket, Castles, Castles Pictures, Henry II



Information Pages:

Overview of Castle development, Iron Age and Roman Fortifications, Motte and Bailey Castles, The Stone Keep Castle, The Normans in Yorkshire, Concentric Castles, Castle Links, Castle Activities, Caerphilly Castle Images, Skipton Castle Images



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