America c1945 – 1971

United States c1945-1971

The United States in the years following the Second World War. Established as a world power, the United States continued to have domestic issues. Civil Rights for African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans was a major issue. In this unit we explore the ways in which the Civil Rights movement developed. Major events such as the March on Washington, the Montgomery Bus Protest and those at Little Rock High School are explored. There are also sections on key individuals and groups within the Civil Rights movement.

Martin Luther King Jnr

The United States c1945-1971

The Red ScareImpact of the Second World War on Civil RightsCivil Rights in 1950
Brown v Topeka Board of EducationLittle Rock High SchoolRosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Protest
Martin Luther King JnrNation of Islam and Malcolm XThe Black Panthers
Ku Klux Klan in the 1960'sMarch on WashingtonCivil Rights Acts
Immigration Act of 1965Chicano movement and Civil Rights for Hispanic AmericansCollege Sit In's and Student Protests
Women's RightsNative Americans and Civil Rights