Weimar and Nazi Germany

Weimar and Nazi Germany

The Weimar Republic was established as the form of government in Germany following the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II at the end of the First World War. The establishment faced opposition from the off, with unrest in several parts of Germany and political opposition to it’s very existence.

Surviving a series of violent insurrections such as the Spartacist Uprising and Kapp Putsch, the Republic was faced with crippling debts from the war alongside the redemption payments. A key feature of German politics in the 1920’s was the manner in which the Government dealt with these issues and the way in which they attempted to tackle the impact of them domestically.

The successes and failures of these policies are in many ways mirrored by the electoral popularity of political parties on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Utlimately this led to the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in 1932.

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