Medieval England c1066-1485

Medieval England

The Medieval Era spans the period from the end of the Dark Ages through to the Reformation and Renaissance. In England, the Medieval period is often defined by two major turning points: The Norman Invasion of 1066 and the victory of Henry Tudor’s forces at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. In the period between these two historic battles, England experienced war, deadly diseases, revolts and saw political conflict between the monarchy and both the nobility and the church. The medieval period is one with a legacy highly visible in the lasting architecture and continues to influence law, language and continues to define and affect the relationship of England with her British neighbours and on the European mainland.


Medieval England
Norman Conquest
Crusades and Crusaders
Magna Carta
Hundred Years War
Black Death
Edward I. Campaigns in Scotland and Wales
Medieval Church in England
Peasants Revolt
Society, Culture and the Economy
War of the Roses