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Teaching resources and student notes on the history curriculum. Regularly updated and featuring histories of curriculum related areas alongside stories from the past that are intriguing. History related news and reviews can be found in the regularly updated blog. This site is maintained by a former Head of History and author of several publications.

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The site contains narrative history based largely on the contents of GCSE specifications in the United Kingdom. Alongside this content is a range of teachers’ resources. Students can access our revision guides, notes and activities for 1-9 GCSE History. Resources and narrative sections are being added to all the time, so please check back or like us on facebook to get daily history news and resources.

Latest Content

Essay: Assessment of the extent to which the reputation of Richard III differed regionally.

New Unit: English and British Civil Wars

Causes of the English Civil Wars
The Bishops Wars
Long Parliament
Taking Sides in the English Civil Wars
Battles of the English Civil Wars
The New Model Army
1646: Attempts at reaching a settlement
Political Radicalism of the 1640’s: Diggers and Levellers
1648: Why did the Scots change sides?
1649: To Kill a King. Why was Charles I executed?
What were the consequences of the English Civil Wars?

Topical Content

It’s the anniversary of the start of the battle of the Somme at the weekend

The anniversaries of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in the last week

Teaching Ideas

Differentiation in the History Classroom. A range of ideas and links to social media discussions that develop them.

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Content can be found from the menu at the top of the page or via the search option. Below are links to some of the more popular parts of the site.

History teaching resources
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Suggested content

History Teachers Resources. A growing number of worksheets, active learning exercises and classroom resources.

Normans. 1066 and all that. Covering the events of the year of three kings and looking at the impact of Norman rule on England. Now extended to look at the Church in Norman England.

The Plantagenets Despite wars, plagues and rebellions the Plantagenet family ruled for longer than any other dynasty.

Wars of the Roses the rival houses of York and Lancaster split the Plantagenet family apart in this feud for the crown.

Tudors. Perhaps the best known dynasty to have ruled England, here we look at the key events and personalities of the Tudor era.

Elizabethan England. Written for the 1-9 GCSE course, this unit provides support for pupils and teachers in preparation for exams.

Industrial Revolution. With links to lessons about the Victorians this section proves to be our most popular. Sections include inventions, life in Industrial towns, conditions for children, the transport revolution and much more.

First World War. The causes, course and personalities of the First World War. Includes an interactive timeline.

Hitler’s Germany. A large number of articles and biographies about Hitler, the rise of the Nazi Party and life in Germany under Nazi rule.

Russian History. Covering the events of the Russian Revolutions to the fall of the Soviet Union this unit covers all of the key points for students studying the topic at GCSE.

Medicine Through Time. Last on our list of suggestions is this enthralling topic. From prehistory to the modern day humans have battled with diseases and mystery illnesses. Here we look at these in the context of time periods and as themes in development.


Teachers' Resources for KS3, GCSE and A-Level History
Depiction of the Armada at the Battle of Gravelines

History Teachers’ Resources

Resources on this site are being developed to fully support the 1-9 GCSE criteria. The new units will focus content upon the key issues raised within the various specifications. Teaching resources are being created to develop historical understanding whilst not just teaching to the test. Additional areas of site development will include areas studied in other Key Stages.

If you’re travelling to Europe, an EHIC Card should be on your to-do list

Forthcoming Materials

As well as covering things from the National Curriculum and GCSE specifications we will continue to write material on other areas of historical interest. In the pipeline are biographies of English Monarchs and a series of interesting historical facts. Areas that are of personal interest to our writers will also be added here and at our History of Medicine and Weimar and Nazi Germany websites.


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