This new section highlights the strong links between History and Literacy, offering resources and ideas to enhance the provision of Literacy through History study.  UK Primary teachers are now all experts due to the Literacy Hour, and this section hopes to build on the excellent work already undertaken within the Primary Sector to enable the quick and effective implementation of the Literacy Strategy within Key Stage 3 history lessons.

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This section provides links to articles about Literacy and will include case studies by teachers who have implemented the strategy.

Impact of Literacy on History

Bringing History and Literacy closer together


The Literacy Hour at Key Stage 2

Literacy Strategy target groups



Downloadable resources

There are many resources avilable via and that are aimed at improving standards of Literacy.

These are just a small sample of the teacher created materials available in the Resource Section.

A template to help create a formal newspaper report - provides guidelines to the different front page section of the Times.

GCSE notes

Worksheet guiding pupils how to create effective notes and use quotations.
submitted by Miss Boughey
Blank report frame that can be used by pupils to construct a report in the murder of Caesar. Encourages pupils to find information, as well as providing some basic information to start with
Submitted by Miss Gaynor

Students Work

Using examples of work at different levels can provide a useful stimulus for students about to undertake a similar task.

These examples are just a few of the many examples of student work available in the Student Work section.

Website Student website about the Industrial revolution.
PPT An overview of the industrial revolution and it's impact.
Word A student beginning to evaluate the impact of industrialisation.

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