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Oral History files.

Interviews in this section are provided in wmv format.

Note: interviews such as these provide an insight into events. They offer the individuals recollection of them and their on interpretations of events. Please bear in mind that interviewees are recounting events that happened in the region of 60 years ago.

1938 Poland before the war. (WMV File - 56 seconds)

Polish preparations for war (Part 1) (WMV File - 1 minute)

Polish preparations for war (Part 2) (WMV File - 1 minute 4 seconds)

Experiencing Blitzkrieg (WMV File - 56 seconds)

The German front line reaches home (WMV File - 1minute 15 seconds)

The Polish Army - an observation (WMV File - 10 seconds)

After the advance (WMV File - 1 minute 55 seconds)

After occupation (WMV File - 1 minute 23 seconds)

Registration for work (WMV File - 1 minute 37 seconds)

Classification of subjects in occupied Poland

Training to work in occupied Poland (WMV File - 1 minute 54 seconds)



1940 Apprenticeship at the Heinkel Factory

Allied bombing of Rostock

RAF account of the raid on Rostock:

"23/24 April 1942


161 aircraft - 93 Wellingtons, 31 Stirlings, 19 Whitleys, 11 Hampdens, 6 Manchesters, 1 Lancaster. 4 aircraft - 2 Wellingtons, 1 Manchester, 1 Whitley - lost.
This was the first of a series of 4 raids on this Baltic port town. These raids had many of the characteristics of the successful raid on nearby Lübeck 1 month earlier - a concentrated, incendiary, area-bombing attack of a town with only light defences. An added feature on each night, however, was the inclusion of a small force of bombers, from 5 Group on the first 3 nights, to attempt a precision attack on the Heinkel aircraft factory on the southern outskirts of Rostock. On this first night, 143 aircraft were sent to bomb the town and 18 the Heinkel factory. Bombing conditions were good but the results of the raid were disappointing. The Heinkel factory was not hit and most of the main bombing intended for the Altstadt fell between 2 and 6 miles away.From the RAF website."

Interrogated by the Gestapo

Conscription into the Wehrmacht (WMV File - 3 minutes 5 seconds)

Falling asleep on guard duty




Combat training - Wehrmacht

Prisoner of War - Diary Extracts

1944 Battle of the Bulge - Diary extracts













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