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Home - Year 7 - Year 8 - Year 9 - GCSE - AS/A2 Level - Teachers' Resources - CPD and Training Resources - Blog – Teaching resources, online guides and exam tips for students has been providing teachers and students with resources since 1999. The site is based on the English National Curriculum for Secondary Schools and the various courses that are offered for examination at GCSE. There are some pages written for AS/ A2 Level.

The History content has been developed based on classroom need. Some of it is in the form of revision materials. Other sections are simple introductions. Many areas incorporate audio visual materials. Teaching resources to accompany many of the content areas can be found in our resource section.

The author of this site has been published by Hodder Murray. These titles now form part of the Dynamic Learning packages that are available. These provide excellent resources for front of class teaching and / or independent study. The units that I wrote were co-authored with Ian Dawson and relate to Medicine Through Time. I also worked on the video lessons for Modern World History Section.

I have provided CPD for a number of organisations and independently. I can arrange for CPD to be delivered to departments or clusters. Please e-mail should you wish to enquire about CPD. Currently the CPD is run by a highly experienced colleague who has been Head of Humanities, won national awards and been published on numerous occasions.

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Due to time constraints when teaching full time, the site has not grown to cover all aspects of the curriculum yet. To date, the following areas are catered for:

Main Site Contents

KS3 History

The Romans - The Normans  The Tudors  The Stuarts and The English Civil War  The Industrial Revolution  The First World War The Second World War

GCSE History

Weimar Germany  Nazi Germany  Medicine Through Time  Crime and Punishment  Conflict in Northern Ireland –  D Day Decision Making Exercise  Interactive Timeline of the First World War

Students as Writers

Do you have a student or group of students who are aspiring writers? Do they have an area that they would like to write about for a wider audience? Our partner site allows guest posts on many topics. is hosted by ourselves and has daily content that covers history, news, literature and a wide range of topical or interesting topics. We know that students perform to their peak when they have an audience. That’s why we are willing to work with you and your students to give them such a platform. t could be a one off piece on any topic, or a regular column. Contact us on e-mail if you are an interested student or teacher.

The content of can easily be used in a lot of school contexts. Our news reports are aimed at young adults and are suitable for use in tutor time. The history content sometimes overlaps with curricar need but where it doesn’t, is chosen due to it’s peculiarities, it’s extraordinary qualities or simply because it is a story that is so unusual. These are griping hooks that have many uses. Our book reviews and writing guides are of use to anybody in the education system.

A Level History

Europe at War: The Second World War  The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party

Other – History Teaching Resources and Worksheets  Online History Lessons  History CPD Resources Assessment for Learning  Classroom Equipment

Do you want to write about a historical or political event? Our new sister site has the capacity to provide students and teachers with experience of writing for a wider audience. For students this helps develop confidence and can be of use in terms of gathering additional opinions and interpretations of events. A portfolio of such articles can also be used to make a student stand out from the crowd a University interviews. Contact us at if you, or your students, would like to be published on our site. Note: we also accept articles on topics other than history and politics for this site.

Weimar and Nazi Germany

Our sister site contains a wealth of in depth information about Germany 1919-1945. was established to provide content that went beyond and deeper than that required at GCSE level. Much of the content is based on the A Level specifications with additional materials available for further reading and the development of contextual understanding. If there is an area that you would like us to develop additional, in depth, content on for this area, please ask as we are looking to add to this site shortly.

Free Pub Quizzes and Fun Tasks

Several years ago we ran a Free Pub Quizzes website. That has been archived on this site. It may have some use for teachers in tutor time. There ARE one or to errors within the question. We hope to rectify these and bring the layout of that site up to date in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the archive of the free pub quizzes website can be accessed here.

History for schools


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