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Medicine Through Time

By Period:

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Medieval Medicine

The Black Death

Islamic Medicine

Chinese Medicine

Renaissance Medicine

Fight against Infectious Disease

Public Health in the Industrial Revolution

Development of Nursing

The Welfare State



By Theme / Factor:



Science and Technology



Public Health

Women in Medicine

Continuity and Change


Medicine through time

I have recently relaunched all of my medicine resources - including new resources - on

The History of Medicine through time is a Schools History Project Development study at GCSE level.

This unit has recently been updated. New features include:

  1. More comprehensive coverage of the syllabus content. Over 50 new pages have been added to the narrative accounts in this section and there has been a major overhaul of the Public Health section.
  2. A focus on themes and factors. Understanding of themes and factors are critical when aiming for higher grades. These new units aim to give pupils a range of examples of how each theme or factor has influenced the development of medicine through time.
  3. Teaching resources. They were there before, but rather well hidden! A wider variety of teaching resources is now published on the site, including a range of audio-visual starter activities and a selection of useful revision aids. Resources will be added to the unit on a regular basis from now on - sign up to the newsletter to keep informed.
  4. Recommended books. A selection of books that I've made use of when planning my teaching of medicine through time along with links to revision guides and textbooks that have stood the test of time.

How to use this section:

Content areas are listed chronologically in the menu to the left of the screen. You will find additional content within each of these sub-units along with links to activities, resources and multimedia resources.

Pupils wanting to develop an awareness of the roles of themes and / or factors could start by exploring the Theme and Factors area of the menu. This will provide guidance that will be of use when looking through more detailed sections of the site.

Updates and News:

COMING SOON from Hodder Murray

Medicine and Health Through Time: Dynamic Learning Network Edition CD-ROM 1

This CD-ROM provides the key activities for this topic from the Ancient World to the Twentieth Century. Each period has an introductory and summarising activity and contains a varied selection of activities to bring this topic to life (by jody). All the activities are provided within the Dynamic Learning environment with intuitive navigation and the flexible Lesson Builder.

Order via the Hodder Headline website, or through your local representative.

Medicine and Health Through Time: Dynamic Learning Network Edition CD-ROM 2

Dynamic Lessons with Dynamic Learning Bring the history of medicine to life with this unique Dynamic Learning resource, to be used alongside any Medicine title for any GCSE specification. CD-ROM 2 provides strategies for recapping and reviewing the key themes and factors through time as well as useful revision techniques and quizzes in the Revision Busters section. Artwork, photo, and audio banks are also provided, to be used however you wish. Suitable for whole-class and individual use, this CD-ROM is powered by Dynamic Learning, allowing you to use all the resources in a flexible way.

Order via the Hodder Headline website, or through your local representative.





In this unit:






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Recommended Resources - new site. Including Blog and use of twitter for free text / IM revision tips. highly recommends these sites: - new site aiming to provide an accessible narrative for GCSE History pupils. - fantastic range of interactive games, revision materials and links. - outstanding use of ICT to engage pupils. - a brilliant range of learning activities from Ian Dawson - simply the best for Modern World GCSE students - resources and CPD materials from the Historical Association. - make your lessons 'real' with artefacts and living history provided by experts - same author as this site, just put together in a slightly different way! - all new resources for teachers and pupils of the SHP Medicine course - A new site providing resources for teachers and pupils of the Crime and Punishment unit Militaria - a range of interesting pieces of militaria is available via tihs site