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Home Rule

Easter Rising 1916

Irish Civil War

Partition of Ireland

The Civil Rights Movement

The Troubles 1968-1972

Bloody Sunday


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The troubles in Northern Ireland

The troubles in Northern Ireland is an area that is sometimes taught to Year 9 students, and is a popular GCSE Coursework topic.

This unit was originally put together for students completing GCSE (SHP) Coursework on the Troubles in Northern Ireland. This unit of study included a brief overview of Irish History from the arrival of the Normans in 1170 through to attempts to introduce Home Rule in the late 19th century. A more detailed analysis of events from the Easter Rising onwards formed the core of the background knowledge that students were taught in order to provide them with contextual understanding required for them to attempt coursework questions relating to the Troubles and Bloody Sunday.

Development of this unit:

I hope at some stage to develop parts of this unit into something more substantial. I hope to transcribe a series of tape recorded interviews of now deceased family members who witnessed the Easter Rising and experienced the Civil War. These, along with diary extracts, photographs and other documents that have been passed on should lead to an interesting study of the period.







In this unit:



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