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Modern World


GCSE History

This section provides information for students completing a GCSE course in history. You will find links to narrative histories and activities below. Links to Multimedia resources, discussions and resources designed primarily for teachers can be accessed via the links to the right.

Schools History Project

Medicine through time

Crime and Punishment

Troubles in Northern Ireland

History Around You - related to a study of Skipton Castle

Germany 1919 - 1939

Modern World History

USA 1919 - 1941

Germany 1919 - 1939

The First World War - also see The British People in War.


Troubles in Northern Ireland

Peace and War: International Relations 1900–91

Why did war break out? International rivalry 1900–14.
The peace settlement: 1918–28. (Also see this page)
Why did war break out? International relations 1929–39.
How did the Cold War develop? 1943–56.
Three Cold War crises: Berlin, Cuba and Czechoslovakia c1957–69.
The USA and Vietnam : Failure Abroad and at Home, 1964–1975

9/11 and Twentieth Century terrorism

War and the transformation of British society c1903–28

The Crisis in Berlin

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Hungarian Revolution

How did the Cold War develop? 1943–56

International relations 1929-1939.

The League of Nations



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In this unit:






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Recommended Resources - new site. Including Blog and use of twitter for free text / IM revision tips. highly recommends these sites: - new site aiming to provide an accessible narrative for GCSE History pupils. - fantastic range of interactive games, revision materials and links. - outstanding use of ICT to engage pupils. - a brilliant range of learning activities from Ian Dawson - simply the best for Modern World GCSE students - resources and CPD materials from the Historical Association. - make your lessons 'real' with artefacts and living history provided by experts - same author as this site, just put together in a slightly different way! - all new resources for teachers and pupils of the SHP Medicine course - A new site providing resources for teachers and pupils of the Crime and Punishment unit Militaria - a range of interesting pieces of militaria is available via tihs site