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Images of the First World War
Images of War



Ancient Egyptian sites




Brimham Rocks

Brougham Castle


Caerphilly Castle


Checkpoint Charlie


Colonial Malaysia

D Day

East Riddlesden Hall

First World War 

Fountains Abbey

Gawthorpe Hall

Hardcastle Crags

Hadrians Wall


Hill 62


1. Autschwitz

2. Birkenau

3. Sachsenhausen

4. Wansee

Kirkstall Abbey


Lake Geneva

Laycock and Goose Eye



Manhattan Museum of Art

Monet's garden

Mont St. Michael




Circus Maximus


Roman Forum

Trevi Fountain

The Vatican

Various Roman sites

Russian Revolutionary Personalities

Russian Building

Skipton Castle


Stone Circle - Long Meg and her daughters

Studley Pike

Thorpe Perrow


USS Intrepid


Vimy Ridge

V1 and V2 Rockets

Weimar and Nazi Germany


Yorkshire Air Museum


The Western Front: Image Gallery

explosion.jpg (19603 bytes) wounded.jpg (27528 bytes)
Explosion! Sights such as this were regular during barrages. Wounded soldiers taking cover in a Trench.
duckboards.jpg (23429 bytes)
Duckboards such as these were needed to navigate the boggy areas around the battlefields. Two soldiers using a periscope to look out for the enemy.
germangunners.jpg (26571 bytes) germanbiggun.jpg (34141 bytes)
German gunners firing at an Allied position.  Big guns such as this were used to try and decimate trenches and supply lines.
trenches.jpg (24675 bytes) Trenchsystem.jpg (62273 bytes)

An Allied Trench.

Diagram of Trench system. Taken from Spartacus First World War encyclopaedia.

The First World War Picture Gallery

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This site hosts a number of Worksheets on the First World War

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The First World War Unit


Causes of the First World War

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