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The fifth, and the time being at least, last instalment of Weird Weapons. We will return to the theme at some point but five on the bounce is sufficient for now…  The Balloon Thats right, the humble balloon. Granted, 30foot …Read more »


The Notion of American Dream Developed In the U.S. Schools Submitted by Sally Sanderson As a national ethos of the United States, the notion of the American Dream defines the nation as a land of countless opportunities where everyone can …Read more »

Peter the Great

It’s fairly rare that I comment in any depth about blog posts anywhere else. Everyone is entitled to their opinion afterall. This one has just got me bouncing around wanting to punch a definition of ‘Interpretations’ though…  The usually excellent …Read more »


El Cid, as the Moors called him, is one of the best known Military Leaders of the Middle Ages. In an age in which warfare was almost a daily pastime he forged himself a place in popular folklore and is …Read more »


Weird Weapons Part 4. Yet more examples of the silliest and strangest weaponry that mankind has concocted in times of war.    The ‘Sick Stick’ In 2007 the US Homeland Security invest almost a million dollars into the development of …Read more »

Soldiers from Stonewall Jackson's Brigade who have fallen at Antietem

Colourised Images of the American Civil War. To be honest, I didn’t expect to write about colourised images more than once. A friend asked me my thoughts about several First World War photographs that had been manipulated to add colour, …Read more »

Taken from an Gallery

Two weeks ago I wrote about colourisation of First World War photographs. BY the Second World War much of the footage and photography as in colour, though a large proportion remained in Black and White. As with the First World …Read more »


Over the course of time some peoples demise has had catastrophic consequences. Others have led to political change, reconciliation, commemoration. There are countless significant deaths that could be included here. Feel free to comment with your suggestions of timely or untimely …Read more »


Part 3 of our series of posts about Weird Weapons. Check out parts 1 and 2 for some earlier examples of the militarily ridiculous! The Russian Round Boat – The Novograd The Russian Imperial Navy came up with a really …Read more »

historical fiction

The value of a dedicated Historical Library in school Lots of schools have fantastically well resourced libraries, catering for all manner of tastes, interests and levels. Some schools are fortunate enough to have faculty based libraries. The offerings for pupils …Read more »

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