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Teachers Resources: The Industrial Revolution

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Teachers resources

A selection of downloadable resources related to the industrial Revolution.

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Expansion, Trade and Industry.

Changes to the roads An overview and selection of source based actities on early developments to the roads in the UK.Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Building Canals This worksheets explains the basics behind canal building and looks at several early examples. Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Road builders The Turnpike trusts and later developments in road construction. Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Road improvers Telford, MacAdam and Metcalfe's achievements are covered in this worksheet.Submitted by Mr Huggins.
The Railways The early history of the Railways. Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Building the railways Source based activities on the building of the Railways. Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Mark Scheme Mark Scheme for the asssessment on the development of the Railways. Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Canal Networks Detailed worksheets on the development of Canals in the United Kingdom. Submitted by Mr Huggins.
Why did businesses grow? Tips on how to write an essay.
Industrial growth and the Darby's of Coalbrookdale. Two worksheets on the growth of the Darby's business.
1851 Census Submitted zip files.
The American Revolution A number of tasks on the American Revolution.
The Industrial Revolution in Bradford A range of ICT based tasks on the conditions in Bradford during the Industrial Revolution.
Some of these worksheets have been submitted by users of this site. Please contact me should there be any problems regarding copyright of images in any of these resources.








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