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The Industrial Revolution: Online Lessons

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This page offers links to Online lessons that can help students understand different elements of the industrial revolution. 

Please send in links to any lessons, or submit your own lesson plans or interactive activities to help enhance the quality of this resource.

Revision quizzes and smaller activities can be found on the activities page.

Ironbridge Excellent lesson on Ironbridge provided by
Industrial Revolution A wonderful overview of the Industrial revolution that checks knowledge and leads students through an investigation of some source material.
Children in the factories - detecting bias In this activity, students edit and analyse a primary source document in order detect bias and develop their understanding of fact and opinion. Lesson plan included. By
Death on the Railways A sourcework investigation into the early railways.
Queen Victoria This Learning Curve lesson analyses a portrait of Queen Victoria.
19th Centrury people A brief look at the way that people lived in the 19th century, makes use of Census returns and pictures.
The Poor Law 1834 Analysis of the reaction to the 1834 Poor Law
Mining Disaster Interesting lesson based on the Trimdon mining disaster, makes good use of a wide range of sources.
















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