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The Industrial Revolution: Links

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The Industrial Age

These sites offer detailed descriptions and evaluations of different elements of the industrial Revolution. 

Teachers will find links to resources that can be used in lessons on the Resources page.


Spartacus The Spartacus Encyclopedia contains entries on many aspects of the Industrial Revolution, including Slavery, Railways, the Role of Women and Political leaders of the period.
Workhouses Brilliant site dedicated to the history of the Workhouse, the poor who lived their and the social consequences of this institution. Excellent site.
Workers The Life of an Industrial Worker in 19th century Industrial Britain.
Women Miners A Report into the conditions faced by women miners in 1812.
The Match girls Strike The Match Girls Strike. This page looks at the conditions faced by women working in the Match factory and shows how action was taken by a number of people to try and force reform on behalf of these women.
Britain 1700-1900 History Learning site account of Britain in the period 1700-1900. Very useful resource.
Textiles The history of the Textile Industry.
Steam power A look at the way in which steam power was developed by Newcomen and Watt.
Industrialisation (BBC) The BBC's wonderful explanation of the industrial Revolution.
Inventions of the Industrial Age A brief look at a number of the major inventions of the Industrial Age.
Source material Documents from the era of the Industrial Revolution preserved on the Internet Sourcebook.
Google Directory The Google Directory's section on the Industrial revolution provides many useful links.
The Railways The development of the railways and it's impact on Britain.
London in 1859 An analysis of what the city of London was really like in the year 1859.
Victorians Uncovered An in depth look at the way that people lived in the Victorian age.
History of Canals Covers the early days of the Canal to the modern use of canals, detailed explanations of how canals work can be found on this site.
Iron Bridge The Iron bridge is a world famous landmark of the industrial Revolution. Visit the homepage of the IronBridge Organisation to find out what makes it so special.
Charles Booth Online Archive Charles Booth conducted a survey of the poor. His findings helped to push reforms through. Discover what he achieved on this fabulous site.

Unit Contents
Before Industrialisation Inventions and inventors Transport
Famous Factories Life in an Industrial town Working Conditions
Women and Children Famous Industrialists Disease and deprivation
Migration The Work House Links
Revision tasks Teachers resources Online lessons


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